Meredith Duncan

Girls Basketball and Golf
C.E. Boyd
February 2020

My coach resembles great sportsmanship, courage, honesty, and integrity in many ways. She always wants us to do our best in golf, but I do not doubt she would not put someone on the team if they have bad sportsmanship. She always makes sure we act our best no matter how we play. She shows courage by never backing down from any tournament, and we are even looking to host our own this year or next. She shows honesty by never allowing anyone to cheat while playing. She has great integrity by making sure we are involved in clubs and doing other school activities besides golf. She is one of the best people I have ever met. She is constantly helping me and other students with anything. Coach Duncan is a very encouraging and fun coach. She is always there for us and wants us to succeed. She is great to put up with us and I could not think of having anyone else as a coach.

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